Me in a full circle, all together just human

An Inspirational speaker

Life as we know it can be beautiful; it has a lot of suffering and storms that we can conquer. Sometimes we don’t know how or what we can do to go through all the pain and suffering. We need role models and speakers, who stand up and remind us that we are not alone and that there is hope. We can end suffering, we need each other to tell our stories.

Therefore I am sharing my story with you.

A transperson. A woman.

Being a transperson, life will hit you like a wrecking ball. I have been judged, rejected over and over again, I didn’t belong anywhere. I got bullied, beaten at school and in the streets. It was hard, and dark. I felt depressed and hopeless. I thought there was no way out.

I have learned the hardest lesson of all: I needed to love myself, accept myself, I belong to me. With all my insecurities and beauty. I am me.

Believe me I know how it feels to feel powerless, misunderstood and alone. We can overcome all these storms in life. Simply by keeping on breathing, and going trough it, so we can heal.

A Hindu Indian-Surinamese

Suriname is a country in South-America. My grandfather was a hindu, my grandmother was a muslim and I was raised catholic. As a hindu family we take great pride in our heritage. I lived with my family in the bush. Like the indigenous people. The biases were there. A man is a man, and a women is a woman. Imagine me being a transperson.

I have learned, that I can be me myself with respect for my heritage and culture. Even if I don’t fit in the concept of our biases. I had to make sure that I created a safe space for me. Were I could be. Just be.

As a (team)coach I create this safe space at the workplace. Creating an open culture, where every team member can be themselves and share openly. That is my main priority. Being connected with each other through the heart, that is where the magic happens, and where your business goals are being achieved.

An Indigenous being

My grandfather was a shaman, and a healer. When I was young I already could experience and see far beyound what the eyes could see. I got scared because I didn’t how to handle these birth gifts. Unfortunately my grandfather passed away when I was very young, so he couldn’t teach me how to use them. When I came in the Netherlands people thought I was crazy. That made me decide to block all these birth gifts.  Years later I became very ill. Simply because I didn’t answer the calling to my birth gifts. Until I discovered that these birth gifts were my superpower.
I now use my superpower to answer to my calling:

  • I hear and see you for who you are as a being
  • I feel and see what is unspoken en unrevealed
  • I feel where your blockages are and guide you through this

Learn about your heritage and pay attention to your birth gifts. Acknowledge them. Answer to them, answer that calling. ThĂ t is your true purpose. As it is mine to be a healer.

An expert in transformation

My life experiences taught me how to transform myself into who I am these days. Life is our biggest teacher and our school. Pay attention what your teachings are and practice. I have been very poor; I had to move from the bush to the city and then to the Netherlands. I went through domestic violence, I have been sexually abused. I have been neglected. And I am a transperson.

I have learned to accept what happened to me, because I cannot change the past. I have learned to forgive myself and others, and to see myself with compassionate eyes and to reconnect with others.

Every set back is a challenge and an opportunity to grow. I can guide you to discover how you can overcome these challenges. Change can be painful and intense. As I bring in years of experience, knowledge and wisdom of transformation from both my personal life, and through my career, people feel that I have walked the talk.

A HUMAN being

Above all I am human. Including all these layers in me:

  • A transperson. A woman.
  • A Hindu Indian-Surinamese.
  • An inspirational speaker.
  • An Indigenous being.
  • An expert in transformation.
  • A human being.

It doesn’t matter where I come from, which colour I have, what my gender is, what my religion is.

I am human, we are human.
Remember that.