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Life as we know it can be beautiful; it has a lot of suffering and storms that we can conquer. Sometimes we don’t know how or what we can do to go through all the pain and suffering. We need role models and speakers, who stand up and remind us that we are not alone and that there is hope. We can end suffering, we need each other to tell our stories.

Therefore I am sharing my story with you.

I am a Hindu-Surinamese transwoman. This combination has caused that I had a very difficult childhood, but it also makes me the epitome of diversity and inclusivity. I come from a poor, bicultural background, a transwoman of color, and I have lived a life full of taboos and limiting patterns. I am rightfully the Diva of Diversity.

As a driven team coach & changemaker, fascinated by people, cheerleader of personal development is my mission to make the world a better place. From my life experience, growth as a leader to becoming an organization transformation expert; I’ve lived through what is necessary.

A storyteller and public speaker that breaks taboos within different layers of organization’s and society. I give lectures on:

  • Personal leadership
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Tailor-made lectures


Then let’s talk about¬† what kind of goal you want to achieve, what the needs are of your organization or organizational unit¬†and how I can give substance to this.

Given inspiration about

Black Lives Matter and transpersons - Black Lives Matter en transpersonen

Workplace Pride

Inclusiveness in the workplace as LHBTIQ - Inclusiviteit op de werkvloer als LHBTIQ


Pride and personal leadership as LHBTIQ - Pride en persoonlijk leiderschap als LHBTIQ

Kite Pharma

Personal leadership - Persoonlijk leiderschap


The power of difference, LHBTQ+ theme - De kracht van het verschil, thema LHBTQ+

Gemeente Amsterdam


Kite Pharma’s PriMiBo event of 03 august 2021

It was great to provide Kite employees the opportunity to interact directly with a transgender person. We believe that giving exposure helps them to understand the challenges a transgender person has to deal with in society, and contributes to removing biases and prejudices.

Cheyenne was able to connect with the audience on a deeper emotional level by openly sharing her personal story in a vulnerable way, talking about her experiences and feelings. She inspired and touched the hearts of many. Cheyenne did a great job in getting to know and weaving in Kite’s values and leaderhsip commitment to her advice for employees, leaders and organizations to support the LGBTQI+ community, connecting her talk to what our company stands for and wants to cultivate.

We would recommend Cheyenne: because she is an amazing story teller, and has the unique capability to quickly connect with others and to engage them with her inspiring life story and journey of transformation. Working with Cheyenne has been a collaborative experience and true partnership. She engaged and connected with us throughout the whole process and showed eagerness to learn about our organization and how she can best support us.

It felt empowering to witness how Cheyenne, by herself, makes an impact, makes a difference. It’s a message of hope, to be reminded that you can actually change the world on your own, by yourself, and by being yourself unapologetically.

Kite Pharma Inclusion Team

Lunchlezing : De kracht van het verschil – thema LHBTQ+

De impact van de talk was dat de toehoorders veel feedback gaven in een gesprek of in de chat en waren onder de indruk van jouw verhaal. Via collega’s heb ik gehoord dat er nog veel nagepraat is over jouw lezing. Men is meer gaan nadenken en voor sommigen was het de eerste keer in hun leven dat ze contact hadden met iemand zoals jij bent.

De leerervaring was dat de denkwijze van de toehoorders langzaam veranderde en dat werd door sommigen ook aangegeven. Dat was mooi om te zien. Dat onbekend niet onbemind hoeft te zijn zag ik ook bij ze terug. Persoonlijk hoop ik van harte dat jouw verhaal, visie en tolerantie zich als een olievlek gaat verspreiden.

Cheyenne beveel ik o.a. aan omdat ze een hele prettige stem heeft en goed kan vertellen. Ze is eerlijk, slim, vriendelijk en maakt indruk op een hele positieve manier.

Met Linda de Wit en nog een paar collega‚Äôs zit ik in het project team voor inclusie en diversiteit bij de Gem. A’dam. Doordat ik vrienden heb die bij de LHBTQ+ ‚Äėhoren‚Äô, was jouw verhaal goed te volgen en te begrijpen voor mij. Het was ook mooi om te zien wat het losmaakte bij de collega‚Äôs die ingelogd waren. De gesprekken waren eerlijk en men voelden zich veilig om zich uit te spreken. Ik vind je een enorme powervrouw en daar ben ik dol op.

Netty Vonk