Privacy Policy

Cheyenne Smaal Inspirational Speaking considers it very important that personal information which you provide is be treated and protected with the utmost care.

Cheyenne Smaal Inspirational Speaking will therefore only use these personal data accordance the purposes described in this privacy statement and the other described ways of processing the data. Responsible for the data is Cheyenne Smaal Inspirational Speaking, located at Leusdenhof 126, 1108 DB te Amsterdam.

Purposes of processing the data
Cheyenne Smaal Inspirational Speaking uses your personal data only for the implementation of the various agreements with Cheyenne Smaal Inspirational Speaking you can enter. So we might ask for your address to send you information you requested. Cheyenne Smaal Inspirational Speaking saves the personal information you provide when, for example, you requested Cheyenne Smaal Inspirational Speaking to send you a folder. Also processes Cheyenne Smaal Inspirational Speaking your personal data for sending a (online) newsletter online and digital (media) messages.

Who has access to your information?
Cheyenne Smaal Inspirational Speaking has access to data that we collect. We pass on your information to other parties when and to the extent that this is necessary for providing you our services. These parties are for instance:

  • Vimexx our web hosting provider,
  • Google Analytics (see section “Cookies Policy”),
  • IT service providers parties that supply hosting services,
  • MailerLight for our newsletters and opt-ins.

With third parties that receive personal data, we conclude data processing agreements.

No use of data by third parties
Under no circumstances Cheyenne Smaal Inspirational Speaking will give your personal information to others unless the following exceptions apply. Nor will your data be sold. Exceptions for not to use your data:
(a) under the statutory provision or judicial proceedings;
(b) to protect the rights or the property of Cheyenne Smaal Inspirational Speaking;
(c) to prevent a crime; or
(d) to protect the personal safety of users.

Cookies Policy
Websites from Cheyenne Smaal Inspirational Speaking collects functional cookies. These cookies help us to give you the best experience; such as monitoring whether you view our content on your mobile, desktop, or tablet, so we can display the website properly. You do not need to give us permission to serve you these functional cookies.

Cheyenne Smaal Inspirational Speaking also favour analytic cookies. We use Google Analytics and these cookies help us to figure out what people desires the most at a certain moment. We do not collect your individual data for our Analytics. We collect anonymized data such as your region, and how long you have visited the website. We’ve actually made arrangements with Google Analytics that they will also only track your anonymized data. They don’t file your full IP address (we anonymize your IP address directly on our site) and don’t send you ads because of your visit to the website. Google is not allowed to share this data with others. You do not need to give us permission to serve you these cookies.

If you’d rather not have any cookies at all, be sure to arrange this yourself within your browser settings. You can turn off our cookies and JavaScript. Please note that our website does not work optimally if you do so. How to turn off or delete cookies is explained by your browser. As a service, we provide you the hyperlinks to every browser we know: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari (iOS), Safari (macOS).

If you have questions or suggestions after reading this, please send us an email, with the subject PRIVACY, so we can get back to you soon.

Click Behavior
Cheyenne Smaal Inspirational Speaking collect and analyze information related to the use of this site, such as the number of hits, most requested pages, previous/subsequent sites visited and length of user session. The purpose of collecting and analyzing this visit information if for optimization the website.

Technical Security
To protect your personal data from unauthorized access or use, Cheyenne Smaal Inspirational Speaking uses the latest security technology.

Privacy policies of third parties
This privacy statement does not apply to third party websites which are connected through links attached to this website. Cheyenne Smaal Inspirational Speaking accepts no responsibility or liability to how these third parties handle personal data. We therefore advise you to always familiarize yourself with the privacy policy on these websites.

Objections against further use of your personal data
If you have previously signed up for newsletters or (media) messages via e -mail and you no longer wish to receive them, you must personally unsubscribe.

Questions and Changes
For questions about this privacy statement, our activities in the field of data processing or use of this website, please contact us by

This privacy statement Cheyenne Smaal Inspirational Speaking can be changed at any time without prior notice. Changes takes effect the moment they are published on this site.

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